Monday, June 08, 2009

What happens to ants who leave home?

And after a long hiatus on this blog, I have a very random question that has absolutely nothing to do with my normal posts, but occupied a good bit of my thoughts on a recent 3 hour road trip.

I noticed all these ants crawling around on the dashboard of the car and on me. And I wondered... what happens to these ants when they get off at my destination? Do they just join other ant colonies? Or do they wander around confused and die? Do the 5 ants who were in the car just happen to get off together and make a new nest together? What happens to them? I don't know very much about insect behaviour, but I have heard that someone could move a bee hive about 20 miles away and the bees could reorient themselves. But what about one bee that happens to get into a car and travels away from its home?

I could probably turn this into some kind of metaphysical meditation/poem on home and belonging, and in fact maybe I will, but for now, it's just the question: "what happens to ants who leave home?"