Saturday, August 18, 2007

garage saling in the rain

I was set and determined to go to garage/yard sales today to find things to replace household items that belonged to my former roommate and which I no longer have, so when the rain slowed today, I ventured forth on my worthy steed (read: newly basketed bike) to seek those items on my list.

Items bought in the light (and then heavy) rain from those hardcore garage sale merchants who didn't close down in the rain:

1. cookbook: Practical Thai Cooking (50 cents)
2. ceramic soapdish (75 cents)
3. small handmade pottery jar to hold toothbrush (75 cents)
4. green glass candle holder from Pier 1 Imports (50 cents)
5. red leather gloves with cashmere interiors ($3)
6. small 8 1/2 by 11 inch television to use with the VCR I bought at a garage sale last year ($7)
7. Brita filter (50 cents)
8. computer speakers ($7.50)
9. Japanese teapot ($1)
10. small plastic dustbin (75 cents)
11. large no stick frying pan ($1)
12. homemade cookie (25 cents)
13. homemade muffin (25 cents)

Total = $23.55
Items on my actual "need" list: 3

Thus I add more crap to my possessions which I will have to deal with in February when I move again.... but, at the same time, it's a lot easier to get rid of things that I got for 50 cents than things I paid $10 for new at a store.

What I love about garage saling (even in the rain) is the human contact, the neighborly feeling, the idea that you are getting something from someone near you (at greatly reduced prices) rather than an impersonal store. And I like having things that have been used before--the idea that there is a history behind them. Unlike my grandmother, who goes out at 6am every Saturday buying junk to give to people... (it runs in the family...), I'm not very good at bargaining, though I did get the speakers down from $10, but that's ok. The people who sold me the television, the computer speakers and the baked goods were nice enough to bring my things by later in their car. I love that.

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