Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Helon Habila Tours Nigeria


myabubakar said...

Helon Habila? the name does not ring a bell, am I missing smth? more info on the guy pls

Talatu-Carmen said...


REALLY??!! You haven't heard of Helon Habila? If you can, try to see him while he is touring in the north. I think he's going to go down in history as one of Nigeria's major authors. He won the Caine prize for African Writing in 2001 and the Commonwealth writer's prize in 2003 for his novel Waiting for an Angel, and he recently published his second novel Measuring Time.

Here is a biography I wrote of him some time back:

I wrote my MA thesis on his first novel Waiting for an Angel, and recently interviewed him, which I'll try to post here. An abbreviated version of the interview was supposed to appear in Leadership on Monday, but I haven't seen a link yet, so I'm not sure whether it did or not.

Anyway, I REALLY recommend his novels. If you want to find out more, search for Helon Habila on this blog. I've written quite a bit on his writing.