Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote for those who Can't

Just a quick note. There is a group of young people on Facebook who had the idea, last night, of starting a website with the names and comments of people who can't vote in this election (whether because they are not American or are too young) who would vote for Obama if they could. They have started a blog at, where you can post comments. Here is what one of the brainstormer/organizers wrote me, when I queried how people could participate:

We just got this started last night, so as of right now, we are simply asking people to send their info (name, age, location - reason they can't vote and reasons they support Obama) to the gmail address! We're already combining efforts to get a website started so we can show the collective global support for Obama!If you'd like to participate, you can also send your ideas to the same gmail address: voteforthosewhocant @ gmail . com. Thanks!!!

In a later email:
Thanks for your support!!! I actually just created a blog for this effort as well. I'm not sure how long it will take to get a website up and running and I thought it was imperative that we get this started. Thanks so much for posting the email address on your blog. If you have the time, we would be so appreciative if you could also reference the upcoming blog:

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