Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adam A. Zango's "Tarbiya" from the album "Bahaushiya" that landed him in prison--who has spoiled the youth....?

In the vein of Eedris Abdulkareem's muckraking, yet entertaining, "Mr. Lecturer," Adam A. Zango critiques the elders for the problems of the youth... Why do the youth take drugs? Who is spoiling the young women?

His response to the critique of the "big men" making the rules is that in fact it is they, the elderly and the powerful, who are the problem. I heard this sentiment over and over the last time I was in Kano. I suspect this, along with timing (right after the Hiyana scandal) and the edgy dancing, is why he recieved such a harsh penalty.

This whole album deserves some serious scholarly, activist, and artistic attention--which I intend to write up if I can get a hold of the whole album when I return.


Mustapha Ali Busuguma said...

Talatu, you are too much. I cant wait to read that scholarly, activisit analysis of adam zango's "bahaushiya's" song.

you are my favourite.

keep it cool.

jinni said...

I think Adam is right.The big men,including the bearded ulamas are the ones who have spoiled the youths.