Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little bit of everything, but mostly on Kannywood

To the tune of "Yahoooozee, Yahoooozee..... "

Have been working all bleeding day long on my funding application, which is getting steadily WORSE..., until my battery gave up the ghost and I had to come to a cafe.

Have also been eating a nonsensical assortment of items while feverishly working against my battery dying, including: Ovaltine, cake, cabin biscuits, sardines, tea, leftover yoghurt, tea, and finally (on my way to the internet cafe) a banana....

So, in a follow up on yesterday's news, I headed over to Zoo Road yesterday evening to find out what happened with the raids and found out that although Baba Karami was taken to mobile court, he had the certificate to prove his registeration with the censor's board and he was released and allowed to re-open his studio. Others were not so lucky. For more news on this see the rather elastic bordered article in Leadership, Emir Bayero Donates N2 Million to Qur'anic School. I find it rather interesting that the news about dozens of filmmakers being arrested and having their studios closed is buried at the end of an article praising the emir for donating money to a Qur'anic school. Hmmm...

Triumph as usual has a piece insisting that the government has no quarrel with the filmmakers, just wants them to "conduct themselves according to Sharia."

And finally, for something slightly more encouraging, a Punch piece that mentions a new Kannywood sattelite station on DaarSat.

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jinni said...

I wonder how long this pogrom on film makers and artistes in Kano will last.Anyway its great that people outside are taking an interest in hausa film.Whats the station called?