Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rise Up Naija: Let there be Light [Sound Sultan ft M.I 2010(official video )]

Striking new video from Sound Sultan, featuring M.I. A significant piece on multiple levels.

"I want to be like Moses
Show my people dem to the promised land
Me I fear this government evil
Rise up Naija
Raise your hands far
Tell them you're tired of their evil"

While the most obvious message of the video is ostensibly critiquing the government promise of electricity by 2010, the reference to "light"/"darkness" and "government evil" and the "promised land" calls on the "Naija" generation to tackle the many layered problems of the nation. "We've been living in darkness for too long."

Note at the end, the poignant dedication:

Let there be light
dedicated to the lost souls in Jos.

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