Wednesday, August 17, 2011

soyeyya [love] by XDOGGinit

My current music video obsession. I think this may be one of the best Hausa-language music videos I have ever seen. The camera-work is great, and the story is well-told, and the rap beat is so catchy I have been listening to it non-stop since yesterday. Interestingly, this was apparently made in 2006 (which you can tell if you know the Kannywood stars featured--who have aged somewhat since the making of the video), but only just uploaded to youtube a few months ago. The Hausa is a bit non-standard (the use of danmama, danbaba, instead of yar for a girl) but exciting all the same. X-Dogg init is definitely a musician to keep an eye out for.


Anonymous said...

Nice find! Not usually my sort of music but I enjoyed this, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Big gritins to dis writer.I'm XDOGGinit.tnx so mch for takin d time to write about my song "soyeyya".I feel so humbled n blessed.I appreciate d corrections u pointed out too.pls do check out my new single titled "INADA BAKI(I'M MOUTHED)" on youtube.its an improvement frm my last work.I'm still unsigned and willing to work with a team or person dat'll help my dream of taking afro centric hiphop to world come true.pls contact me for anything if need be.(
tnx for d luv n support.I'm loyal n I'll always be loyal.1luv.

Talatu-Carmen said...

XDOGGinit, Great to hear from you. I'm glad you liked the post. I was actually planning to contact you and ask you for an email interview at some point. When my schedule clears a bit in a few weeks, I'll send you an email. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gritins 2u talatu-carmen.its XDOGGinit.i will be waiting on ur email as said.
Below is D̶̲̥̅̊ youtube link for my newly released single titled I'M̶̲̥̅ MOUTHED (INADA BAKI),and the audio link too for download.check it out and help spread the dream.stay blessed in all ur strives n works.bye

Anonymous said...

Nice find! i like it
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thanks for you attention