Wednesday, August 30, 2006

ZAN MUTU!!!!!! I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!

Confession: I indulged in a little acting this summer. It was at best a worthy amatuar effort. Nothing better and probably much worse. I pray that they do miracles in the editing process. I groan whenever I remember the horrific (for me--and probably for every one else who had to watch my mortification) experience of having to do a (mimed) song and dance number. (we have gone far beyond the realm of possible humiliation at a conference--which by the way went fine.) The film thing was also very very very fun, which is why I kept doing it.

Now, I am reaping the consequences. My friend Aisha, the editor of FIM magazine, just emailed, gleefully informing me that she has placed me on the cover of the latest edition.

Just bury me right now. I am DYING!!!!!!!!!!

(and also, I know the pictures she has in her file. They were all horrible. So, to put a brave front on it, I am going to post a pictures of me in an outfit she had sewn for me, which I had not sent her until today after I found the news that passes all understanding of mortification and kunya.)

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