Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dam Break in Gusau

(Very worried about my friends here... I spent a few nights in Gusau in August)

Homes washed away as dam collapses in Nigeria
Gusau - Floodwaters from a burst reservoir dam in northern Nigeria have made 1 000 families homeless, but about 40 people earlier feared dead have been found alive, the state governor said on Sunday.Local media had reported Zamfara State Governor Ahmed Sani saying that at least 40 people died after heavy rainfall swelled the reservoir to critical levels, causing the dam to collapse and send a barrage of water through villages."All those missing were later found safe and alive," Sani told reporters."We have over 1 000 families affected and property over three billion naira, but there is no loss of life."The reservoir was the main source of drinking water for Zamfara state capital Gusau.

Published on the Web by IOL on 2006-10-01 23:14:05

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