Thursday, October 26, 2006

off to New York, wheee...

I just bought a ticket to New York for Thanksgiving. It involves leaving on Tuesday and skipping a late night Wednesday seminar that I already missed once last week, when I went to my old alma mater to pick up an alumni award.

It also involves travelling only a day after getting back from the ASA conference in San Francisco.

I must be insane. I have six projects due by the end of the semester: two of them due a week after thanksgiving. Two of them due a week before.

But the price was so good--crazily good for around Thanksgiving time... and I was able to use a $75 certificate from Continental, which I got last week when my flight was delayed for 5 hours making me get in at 12:30pm, making the price even better. Plus, for some reason, it was about $200 cheaper to fly out of Milwaukee but BACK into my city. How convenient is that!?

And whenever I choose not to go away for Thanksgiving I regret it. Ok, well, I've only not gone once--last year--and I regretted it, because I didn't get that much work done, and although my sweet friends invited me over to their house for thanksgiving dinner and that was nice, I missed being with Ruth and "AWAY" for Thanksgiving. Thus I justify my madness.

So, I'm going. I shan't look back. I will just get that work done on the airplane. And I will stop procrastinating right now and try to write up an outline for my seminar paper before I go to bed.

Yes, I shall.

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