Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mad Astronaut alert

Ok, I haven't really been commenting on much news. But this is such a bizaare story, that I had to join the tabloid trash to gawk. The woman wore DIAPERS on a cross-country trip to kidnap and murder a woman she believed was romantically involved with another astronaut she fancied. This is the stuff of great science fiction thriller novels. I bet someone is already writing one.

Here is Lisa Nowak, astronaut and would-be-murderess (so they claim) with the object of her affection, the dashing William Oefelein. (Photo credit Times Reporter)

Poor woman. Imagine all the teachers who will be scrambling to take her photo off of the list of "great women" posted in elementary school classrooms. In keeping with the spirit of this post, I'll end with a good cliche: The higher you fly, the further you fall.


texter said...

I like how you tagged that "random." Random indeed! :) you know, I've heard 'random' voices -on the radio, on the tv - saying "woman" "diapers" "murder" but I haven't listened closely and really have no idea what this is about. Am i immune to the strangeness?

Fred said...

This woman was flying high all right, high as a kite. That she's a Navy Captain (Army equivalent to a Colonel, one promotion away from one-star General) and a mother makes this story even harder to digest.

Omnia vincit amor, including sanity it seems.

Teju said...

Technically speaking, it wasn't a diaper but a maximum absorbency garment (MAG), the kind they use on long space-walks.

Not that this excuses anything...

Talatu-Carmen said...

@ Texter, lol. I think what this means is that you are more immune to random distractions than I am. At the beginning of the week I went into this ravenous internet obsession because i was feeling stuck and helpless on my other work. The past couple of days I have strictly limited myself. and i need to continue to do so until i get the D-A-M-N thesis DONE.

@Fred, yep... although after i posted this, i felt a bit bad about it. obviously, she is a very troubled person, and i should not be joining those who mock... it's just one of those stories that is too creative to have made up, and thus worthy of attention.

@teju. um... yes, i had gathered that from the article, but it sounds more decadant and splashy to say "diaper." {-; To wear either one on a cross-country trip to confront one's imagined rival is a bit odd. But then, i should not be mean... {-;