Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Ezra" directed by Newton Aduaka wins FESPACO prize

Ezra wins top African film prize
James Copnall BBC News, Fespaco film festival, Burkina Faso

Newton Aduaka was a very popular winner of the Yennenga Stallion. The Nigerian film Ezra has won the top prize at the biennial African Film Festival, Fespaco, in Burkina Faso.
The festival is the major showcase for the continent's films, many of which are not widely distributed.

Ezra, the story of a child soldier in the decade-long Sierra Leone civil war, was a popular winner at a lively closing ceremony.

The film, directed by Newton Aduaka, was awarded the top prize, known as the Yennenga Stallion.

The importance of the subject and the quality of the direction were cited by the jury as the main reasons for its decision.

Aduaka was visibly moved when he received the giant golden trophy, and appeared lost for words when he spoke to the media afterwards.

To judge by the reaction of the large crowd at the closing ceremony, it was a popular choice.

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Photo credit: BBC


texter said...

the child soldier trope is pervasive lately... (in african literature published in usa, but also mainstream news, memoirs, cultural studies). not only the book "beast of no nation" but then the memoir on display (I think by a Sierra Leonean) the last few weeks at Starbucks, now this film...

Talatu-Carmen said...

Yes, it's interesting isn't it. One of the twins in Helon Habila's Measuring Time is also a "child" soldier. He's in his late teens, but I think it still counts. I hope that this film becomes available through California Newsreel or somewhere accessible (NOT that place in NY that charges $400!)