Saturday, March 03, 2007


This was one of the favourite previews in my house this summer. The preview for Tutar So 2, which this song was from, was at the beginning of one of the other films and Abdullahi would keep rewinding and watching it over and over again. This song showcases most of the Hausa film industry stars... so is a good way to get to know all of their names


Fred said...

Never fails! Every time I start watching one of these things, I groan and think This is terrible! but I can't stop watching and pretty soon, I'm laughing and tapping along to the freakin' music!

I love the "highly intelligent director" bit, by the way! Hahahah....

Talatu-Carmen said...

Haha, Fred, glad you enjoyed it in the end.

To be honest with you, this is not one of my favourites in terms of choreography or of music, but I'm fascinated by the fact that SO MANY of the stars are in the film: these mammoth productions seem to be Ashiru Nagoma's specialty. I think that is the main attraction of this song for most Hausa audiences--each of the stars calls out their name and their feature in the film.

As for the "highly intelligent director" bit. Yes, I always think that kind of funny too--these adverts in English for films that are not subtitled placed on videos of other films that are not subtitled. I'm not quite sure what the English is doing there, but it is very interesting from the language policy point of view.