Thursday, May 31, 2007

More sites on Jeremiah Gyang (and writing from Duluth)

After I posted the youtube video featuring Jeremiah Gyang a few days ago, I googled some more and found his myspace account where you can hear, "Na Ba Ka," one of my favourite songs. You can also hear clips from and purchase his album "Na Ba Ka," at CD Baby. (I ordered it, and hopefully when I get back to my apt. I'll find it waiting in the mail for me. If I have any trouble with it, I'll update here.) There is also an interview with him at
I'm writing from Atlanta (Duluth) for a week and a half vacation with my grandmother, my visiting parents and one of my sisters. This is my dearest home in America--the place I relax the best. It's nice to avoid my email for a few days... but I made myself check tonight before we go out of town to see my other sister tomorrow. {-; I probably won't post a lot in the next week... I'll be back.

UPDATE: 10 June 2007. I returned to find the cd, in excellent condition, in the mail box. I highly recommend CD Baby!

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