Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mourning Modal Minority

I came back from my vacation (and blog break) yesterday to find that one of my favourite blogs, Modal Minority, by Teju Cole, has vanished, leaving me sad and bereft of an almost daily reading ritual. I google Teju Cole and find some of his poems left behind in the google cache, the floating residue of a ghost ship. I was going to post part of his poem "This," which expressed, in part, my sense of loss but decided to respect his desire to leave.

Teju, you are missed!


alek said...

is that really it? I felt the same shock and loss, might he come back in some other guise?

Joyce said...

Teju, if you are reading this...
We're not acquainted in real life, but I read your blog for several months and came to love your careful observations. Please do keep writing!