Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dem call am Human Rights.

Article 13
Everione naim get right to go anywhere wey e wan go, weda na to go see im friend o, or to go anoda town o, or to travel comot for where e de live to anoda place. Dat na im own palava.
Everione naim get right to comot im kontri if e wan go to anoda kontri and make e come back if e like, e no concern anybodi.
Article 14
Everione naim get right to go anoda kontri, wey e like to tell dem say im wan live for dat kontri, sake for say dem de look for am for im own kontri or dem won arrest am for im kontri, wen im no do any bad ting.
But if dat person really do bad ting o, for im own kontri and e come run comot to wan go live for anoda kontri, sake for say di goment of im kontri de look for am, di goment of di kontri wey e run go, no go gree at all, at all o. Even sef, di meeting of di whole world wey we de call United Nations, say dis ting no good at all and dem too gree say if person do bad ting for im kontri, e good make im eye see wetin e de look for, as e do di bad ting for im kontri.
Article 15
Everione naim get right to say na any kontri wey im like, im go call im own.
Nobodi fit talk say di person no get right to belong to di kontri wey e like or if e like make a say im no wan belong to im kontri again, na anoda kontri im wan belong to. Make dem say e no fit change to di kontri wey e like and make e call im own.

An exerpt from the Nigerian Pidgen version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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