Saturday, January 20, 2007


This is one of my favourite photos from this summer, despite all my film having been semi-ruined by airport X-rays. (sniff)
This is Scorpion, a Hausa film actor who acts thugs. If 'yan iska appear in a film, it is likely Scorpion will be leading the pack.
He also was also extremely sweet, as is, I think, nicely captured in this photo. The puppy was an extra on the set of Albashi 3, directed by Abbas Sadiq. On the set of 419 -2 (directed by Sherrif Ahlan) after he "robbed" me at gun-point(gasp... yes, i was the victim of both 419 and armed robbery... in the film) he took me aside and told me I needed to start charging people a lot of money. He said that people were starting to write me into scripts and he didn't want me to be taken advantage of. Fresh-faced amateur and researcher on fellowship that I was, I demurred. But I appreciated his thoughtfulness. Maybe, I'll take his advice in the future....


Nilla said...

Ina wuni?

I noticed you're learning hausa in your profile..I love learning languages too.

I'll like to see a film you're

Thanx for stopping by my blog..
I'll stop by again.

Talatu-Carmen said...

Nilla, lafiya lau. Da fatan kina lafiya.

thanks for the comment.

Dami said...

yaya dey, yaya makranta

how do you get hausa films to watch? do they subtitle it?

Talatu-Carmen said...

Dami, ina lafiya. kome nan lafiya kalau. na gode.

I've gotten all of my hausa movies in kano, jos, sokoto, etc. But you can also order them from (I have a link on my blog under "websites I like to visit") Unfortunately, most of them are not subtitled, but there are a few like Sanafahna, Albashi, Jan Kunne 1,2,3, Audduga 1, 2, Waraka and others that are subtitled in English.

c0dec said...

RSPCA! the dude's choking the puppy. lol.