Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rasuwar Ahmed S. Nuhu

I came to a library to get onto the internet to blog about my stay in Podunksville, Georgia, where my sister works as an emergency medical technician, and where I came to get away from the world to get some writing done for a couple of days.
But when I opened my email, I had a message about the death of Ahmed S. Nuhu. Inna lillahi wa inna Ilaihi raji'iun. Allah Ya jikasa. Allah Ya Rahamma masa. Allah Ya sa ya huta.
Ahmed is pictured here with his wife Hafsat, who is an actress in Hausa film industry. Ahmed, who is originally from Jos, was one of the biggest film stars in the Hausa film industry. I did not know him terribly well, but I chatted with him several times. He was extremely nice. I liked him a lot. I'm also, of course, a fan of his many films.
He was killed in a car accident on January 1 on the road to Azare in Bauchi state. I'm a little too sick to my stomach to write anything else. Oh God, how can we continue to bear all of this death? It keeps coming and coming and coming, and each time it punches the air out of us. How long? How long? When will it end?
See also this article in Hausa from VOA


Fred said...

When you die.

Talatu-Carmen said...

true. and it could come at any time. we all feel so invincible. it comes so unexpectedly.

Ibrahim said...

Talatu, please can I use this picture in the second story I am writing about the late Ahmad Nuhu? The first story was this:
My email address is: Thank you.

Talatu-Carmen said...

Malam Ibrahim,

Babu damuwa. I'm sure it's fine if you use the photo, but it's actually not mine. I linked to the photo from the profile for Hafsat and Ahmed at If you right click on the photo in my blog and go to properties it will take you to the exact address for the photo. That will be the credit you want to use on the photo, not my address

I actually do have some photos on film of Ahmed Nuhu that I took in July. I'm out of town right now so I don't have them on me, but I was planning to scan them in as soon as I got back to Madison next week. You probably need them before then, but I'll send them on anyway as soon as I get them scanned in. the earliest I could get them to you would probably be Wednesday next week. In the meantime, you might want to contact the people at for credit permission.

Da fatan kome lafiya,


ibrahim sheme said...

Ahmed's death was really so shocking to Hausa movie viewers across the world. Here in Hausa land, it was all the more devastating to those of us who knew him personally because he was so nice, calm and gregarious. He had touched the lives of many through his simplicity, commitment to friendship and his fabled love for his family.

We pray: Alla ya jikan sa, ya sa ya huta, amin.

I. Sheme

Talatu-Carmen said...

Malam Ibrahim,

For several weeks, I felt a sadness under every thing I did, as if someone I was close to died, even though I had met him only a few times. It is a great loss.

My profoundest sympathies are with his family and friends.

I have been meaning to write you for a while, but kept putting it off because I wanted to have time to write a nice long letter in proper Hausa to tell you how much I love your novel 'Yar Tsana, which I finally finished reading in October.

Thank you for your comment,


saudatu said...

assalamu alaikum warahmatul lahi ta'ala wa barkatuhu,
with grief and outrage, i had the devastating car crash in which my best Hausa Actor died. i am horrified and i hereby convey my sympathy to Ahmed's family and friends especially to Hafsat. may Allah S.A rest his soul in perfect peace. innalillahi wa'inna i laihin raji'un. allah ya kikan musulmain. Allah yasa dukkan musulmai mucika da imani

Anonymous said...