Thursday, September 07, 2006

The beautiful prose of neither here nor there

I would like to share a beautiful piece of prose I have just written, that illustrates the extreme brilliance of Carmen's thesis-writing process. If there is anyone reading this, just consider yourself privileged to catch a rare glimpse of the magnificent and articulate pre-finale scribblings of a genius:

Furthermore, Habila’s brief appearance as an author destabilizes the idea that the story is being written by the military; however, his deus ex machina appearance does not necessarily implicate him as the deterministic decider of the text. Indeed the vomiting of the actual contemporary Nigerian literary figures mirrors the vomiting of the fictional writer. There is some ambiguity about which party came first, and which actuion was committed by which reality. Habila’s breaking into his text destablaizes the unity, reminds us that he exists, and if these intrustions create cracks in the structure, then the rearranging of the text creates(—the characters speak for themselves)

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