Sunday, September 03, 2006

In praise of tabbouli

Let me take one moment (away from my thesis) to boast. I made the most amazing tabbouli today. Another nice thing about Madison(as I continue my efforts to count my blessings): Asian Midway Market, which is a 5 minute bike ride from my apartment, and where I made a special trip today to make sure I had all the ingrediants. I have never been one to eat raw onions, but green onions, with fresh mint, lemon juice, parsely, tomatos, with cracked wheat soaking in all the juice, served on a toasted pita. Mmmmmmmmm.... The mixture of flavours.... Mmmmmmmmmm....

Have been playing 2Pac nonstop since yesterday. The J-Lo, on the other hand, I will donate to the next garage sale I see.

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