Wednesday, September 27, 2006

strep throat, a lecture tommorrow, and phdcomics

I am very rarely sick, and when I am , I usually just wait it out with echinecia tea and hot lemon juice with honey. But I've had this strange horribly painful sore throat with no other normal cold symptoms for the past two weeks. Someone mentioned strep throat today, and I googled it and I have all the symptoms. Either that or I'm being a hypochondriac, so off to the doctor tomorrow. Even if it's not strep, mabye she can suggest something.

Also giving a lecture on Hausa popular literature and film tomorrow. Should be fun, especially playing Bollywood musical numbers along Hausa musical numbers for the students to compare and contrast. Although I feel like I haven't prepared enough, I will work on it until midnight and then go to bed. I've been staying up too late recently.

Here's an interesting website, I found out about through a GSC newsletter.

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