Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rain at night

Outside it is raining steadily. The roads glisten under streetlamps, and the quiet murmur of rain makes it all the cozier to be tucked in bed under my comforter working on my laptop. I suppose it would be even cozier if I were actually lying down in the dark in preparation for sleep. But no such luck quite yet. A light green apple scented candle flickers on my chest of drawers. (My visit to R's reminded me of how nice it is to make candles a part of my life.) And I have probably hit replay on the jem album "finally woken" about five times now. jem is slightly obsessive.

so, i write evaluations of my classmate's seminar papers. and listen to the rain outside, and sing along:

"Save me, save me, ohhh, i've gotta stop my mind, working overtime. it's driving me insane, it will not let me live, always so negative, become my enemy, mmhhhmmm, save me, save me, ohhhohhh, save me, save me, hmmmmhhhmm... none of these thoughts are real... i need to take control... my mind is on a roll... it's not listening to me... save me... save me... aohhhh, save me"

and somewhere outside, a car alarm has gone off. it's enough to make me feel i'm back in brooklyn. oh joy...

(and just as i prepared to shut down after finishing my evaluations i ran across this article about a Bollywood star who is being charged with complicity in 1993 bombings in Mumbai. Interesting.)

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