Friday, July 20, 2007

Congratulations to Sani Danja and Mansura Isah

Congratulations ot Sani Danja and Mansura Isah on their recent marraige. I know I already posted this video a few months ago, but it is my favourite with the two of them (out of many to choose from).


Jumi said...

Congrats to the newly-weds. Life is sweet! Happy weekend.

...toyintomato said... both blogs. i am so stalking your
anyway great blog.
i definitely will be commin back here quite often..

with no further introduction , pls welcome, no applause pls, paparazi stay clear...the one and only ...

self appointed, no election necessary ,
personal assistant to the first assistant of the president of Nigerian blog stalkers..

Nigeria Politricks said...

Interesting blog you got here. Stop by house sometime.

exschoolnerd said...

hey i saw ur message on my blog and i most definately wouldnt mind if u add my blog...infact am honoured..looking forward to reading from ignorant american for stopping by much appreciated.

pamelastitch said...

Never heard of those people before...Great song!! Do you know what it means??


Talatu-Carmen said...

Hi Pammy,

These are two of the most famous (if not THE most famous) Hausa movie stars, who just got married to each other. I'll have to listen to the song again to tell you what it says. But basically it is just singing about the girl Jamila (in the film) and how she is very good at a lot of things--including dressing nicely and tying her wrapper well. A very fun song.