Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hotunan bikin auren Sani Danja da Mansura Isah

Na ji murna in ga hotunan bikin auren Sani Danja da Mansura Isah a http://www.hausamovies.com/. Ga su nan.

Photos of the Sani Danja's and Mansura Isah's wedding at http://www.hausamovies.com/. Check them out here.

The following photo is of the couple with Sani Danja's 2Effects Empire partner (and prolific song writer and composer) Yakubu Muhammed.

Here are links to a couple of tabloidish articles about the wedding/relationship: Daily Triumph; Weekly Trust;


Anonymous said...

Thanks Talatu for the link to these pictures. I wish them happy married life.


Anonymous said...

Ga karin wasu hotunan auren Sani Musa Danja da Mansura Isa a nan:



Talatu-Carmen said...


Thanks so much!! Great photos

munat said...

wow!!!am so happy to see dis two couple married,they really match as husand and wife,nd also am very happy for them.i wish them happy married life forever,nd thanx to u too talatu for dis nice pics.