Monday, July 02, 2007

It's my birthday, I can fly if I want to...

I have two increasingly serious addictions. One is addiction to the internet; the other is wanton and careless addiction to travel. My pocketbook and study schedule are feeling the effects (although my frequent flier miles credit card is looking quite rosy), and I'm afraid the planet is feeling it worse.

But I'm turning 30 this month, and the thought of sitting at home in this dreary place (positive thoughts, positive thoughts) and studying my way through this particular birthday was very depressing. I'm rather morose about this birthday, and I need to be 1) with someone who has known and loved me for a long time, 2) in a place I love.

So, I'm going to New York a couple of weekends from now to be with my best friend in the world R., who has known me since we were 13 years old. And I will turn 30, and it won't be so bad.

And to lift my spirits, as I was googling photos of "planes" and "New York" for this entry, I was reminded that it was American Airlines (the cheap tickets that I bought) that plowed into the WTC that blue September day. Happy thoughts for a Happy birthday... {-;

Ok, let me not stray into melodrama. I will restrain what Helen Oyeyemi in her latest novel (The Opposite House) calls the "personal hysteric" and have a rip-roaring time (and get a lot of studying done between now and then...)


Christian Writer said...

I know what you mean. I was feeling exactly the same way about my impending (sounds very ominous) birthday until I recalled some very wise words which spearheaded me into thinking radical, exciting stuff that's really spurred me on. The wise words; 'you're worth it.'

L'Oreal rules.

uknaija said...

Happy birthday "in advance"

Fred said...

30? Only? I sometimes forget just how much of a babe in the woods you are! heheh... Happy Birthday, of course, and do have fun. Hey, while you in NY, buy yourself a nice perfume, why don't you? If you want, I'll recommend a few for ya.

Soul said...

happy belated ..talatu :)

Kemi said...

hope you enjoy NY :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Talatu,

Happy 30th birthday. I wish you many prosperous happy years ahead. Any plans for going to Kano this summer? Do your hear from your friends over there? What about Sani Musa Danja and Mansura's wedding? Has it taken place? If so I wish them happy married life.

Anyway, just to say I am missing your insisive comments on this blog . Keep up the good works.

kind regards,

pamelastitch said...

i do not want to sound silly - but are you nigerian? If so, what state are you from??

Anyhoos, happy belated birthday.
30 yrs --- Ha, the girls will start to bother you quick quick.... lol

take care, pammy

Talatu-Carmen said...

Hi Pammy,

I'm honoured that I might be taken for a Nigerian. I'm actually not officially--but am in spirit. I lived in Port Harcourt for three years, Jos for six, and have also lived briefly in Sokoto and Kano, which is where I'm doing my research. My parents live in Jos--so I guess I'm a Plateau girl.

Take care,


pamelastitch said...

wow. Where are you from officially then??


plateau girl - now that will explain a lot...


Talatu-Carmen said...

Hi Pammy, I'm from the U.S--my parents are from the southern U.S. and are of mostly Irish and English origin, with a bit of Cherokee/Dutch/Scotch/French etc. thrown in. But my parents have lived in Naija since 1988.