Saturday, May 13, 2006



Ditto. It's been sullen outside for the past few days. Cold, grey--sullen. In the 40s F. According to my weatherbug, it's going to be that way all of next week. Wisconsin's way of bidding me farewell. I shan't miss it. I think my toes are in the process of freezing solid and dropping off--little blocks of ice that will fall out like marbles when I pull my socks off. Ok, I'm getting surreal. i need to go to bed.

I wrote 6 pages single spaced of close reading on the Hausa film Albashi today. But I have not yet met my goal of finishing my paper. I am beginning to master the art of writing a paper backwards. The problem is that when you write the conclusion, you don't really feel like going back and writing the beginning. So, that's my problem. I have a lot of close reading, but now I've got to go in and put in all the research and background/introduction.

Why am I so verbose? The paper is only supposed to be 15 pages, and I think it will probably be around 25. arghh.

Not sure I can make myself stay up till its done though... hmmm... shall see what happens in the next 15 minutes.

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