Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jos-ANA, Saturday afternoon

Just a quick post to uplload a couple of photos before the internet connection goes.
I made it to the Jos chapter meeting of ANA (Association of Nigerian Authors), and people showed up. Yay! We read a couple scenes from one of Dul Johnson's screenplays, and had a fairly good conversation about how to iron out a few inconsistancies. I wish I had remembered to bring the poems I was working on a couple of months ago. When I was in Jos last, we used to meet at the museum grounds, but now they are meeting at the National film Institute. Was sorry not to see more of the old regulars like Kenana, Anayo, Reg, Stephen, or Allen, but it was great to see Dul and Rufai and meet a couple others. I'm looking forward to meeting with the two Kano ANA groups (both Hausa and English writers). That's it for now. Lets see if these photos upload.

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