Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NIGERIA: Senate kills bill seeking to prolong Obasanjo's tenure (excerpt)

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NIGERIA: Senate kills bill seeking to prolong Obasanjo's tenure
16 May 2006 18:20:53 GMT
Source: IRIN

ABUJA, 16 May (IRIN) - Nigerian senators voted on Tuesday to throw out a bill seeking to amend the country's constitution to give President Olusegun Obasanjo the chance to run for a third successive term in office next year.

A majority of lawmakers in the upper house agreed in a voice vote to scrap the bill, which has raised tensions in Africa's most populous country plagued by ethnic and religious violence.

"By this result, the Senate has said clearly and eloquently that we should discontinue further proceedings on this amendment bill," Senate President Ken Nnamani announced to applause.

For the rest of this Reuters article see: http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/IRIN/b34aff2035d134798debd49b3877727a.htm

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OHANYIDO said...

When the news of the death of the Demonic Third term agenda came to me, one of my favourite poems cme to my mind. Is it Possible?? I had asked myself...please let me share this poem by Sir Thomas Wyatt with you Talatu.

Is It Possible

Is it possible
That so high debate,
So sharp, so sore, and of such rate,
Should end so soon and was begun so late?
Is it possible?

Is it possible
So cruel intent,
So hasty heat and so soon spent,
From love to hate, and thence for to relent?
Is it possible?

Is it possible
That any may find
Within one heart so diverse mind,
To change or turn as weather and wind?
Is it possible?

Is it possible
To spy it in an eye
That turns as oft as chance on die,
The truth whereof can any try?
Is it possible?

It is possible
For to turn so oft,
To bring that lowest which was most aloft,
And to fall highest yet to light soft:
It is possible.

All is possible
Whoso list believe.
Trust therefore first, and after preve,
As men wed ladies by licence and leave.
All is possible.

Sir Thomas Wyatt