Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spring in Wisconsin

My Sunday walk under lilacs, past tulips and still docile daffodils, grass growing tall before the first lawn-mower buzz-cut: It makes living here--not that bad. Maybe it's Wisconsin's way of apologizing for the hellish winters. At least it gives me hope that I can last two more years--before running away. And run away I shall, eventually. Purgatory is only a transitional stage--there is eventually a movement out of it, right?

So, what am I doing on this beautiful spring day? a morning walk past flowers -> church, song, and golden words of resurrection. How nice that three weeks after Easter we haven't exhausted the topic yet. (What a joyous thing to think of the multi-layered intertwining of metaphor and reality--and if only I could express how far my faith is from the political stereotypes on both sides/or are those so-called binary sides also stereotypes? this question is worthy of deconstruction at another time) -> walk back home through the zoo--poor captured grizzly bears lying in the sun looking un-bothered. I find enough change in my key-wallet for a popsickle that turns my teeth blue.

Then, back inside to the inevitable thesis:

Note the layering of texts and the multiplicity of projects (ie. thesis, plus another paper)--these are pictures from a week or so ago but properly illustrate my day and my upcoming week. Note, that I have made progress since then. I am now on Chapter 2--not chapter 1, although that is still lying in wait for me. I'll come back to it eventually. It all cycles round. There is no linear structure--it refuses to remain straight, which perhaps is appropriate.

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Mike Blyth said...

Aha. Now, from your pix, I understand what you mean by multiple layers of texts and meanings, and non-linear structure.

I'm surprised you find time for blogging after spending the day writing, but keep it coming!