Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ran Talata, 23 ga Mayu

To, ok, some caveats. The wireless internet works when the electricity is on. And you can't always get a signal. So, that's sort of uncertainty is good for breaking my internet obsession.

Currently out on the balcony (where the signal is best) behind the purple boganvillia, looking over our green yard bursting with fruit trees: mango, guava, avocado, banana, coconut, and behind the house pomegranite, apple, grapes, mulberries etc. etc. When we first came to Jos in 1991, Dad's former Head of Department from Iraq gave him some cuttings from his fruit trees, and only in the last few years has everything started bearing fruit. We've been here in Jos about 16 years now--long enough for trees to grow. The HOD has since passed away, but we remember him everytime we pluck the fruit from the trees. What a lovely man he was.

I see that it is 44 degrees in Madison. I'm happy I'm here, where it is not! The grass is green. The frangipanis and flame trees and yellow bell flowers (whose names I have forgotten) in full bloom. The Eucolyptus trees sway. The breeze smells of sun and rain and greenery. (Does that sound like a shampoo advert?) On the road, motorcycles putter past. Birds sing. Celine Dion warbles away somewhere in the distance.

Sara told me to make sure I got some rest before I started working again. Sara, I'm resting!

Ok, let's see if this uploads....

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